THE SMITHY - Four Lanes

Old Cornish Smithy very active in the beginning of the century. Stood between the corner shop and the Institute. On the 1880 OS map the smithy is beside the Victoria Inn but by 1907 it is on the opposite side of the road, beside the corner shop.


Old Cornish school date stone 1842. Originally a girl’s school established by the Basset family, it was a mixed school of 210 children by 1910.

FOUR LANES INN Now Victoria Inn.

FOUR LANES INN Now Victoria Inn old Cornish pub. Roundhead soldiers en-route to attack the Royalist garrison at St Michael’s Mount circa 1644 were allegedly murdered by locals and the bodies buried in a bog.


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Cornish History in Four Lanes, Carnkie and local area.

The Group now, since the AGM in February 2011, is an amalgamation of the Four Lanes History Forum and the Carnkie History Forum in Cornwall.

Four Lanes History Forum

The Group was set up about 14 years ago by the dedicated, but sadly, late Dorothy, (Dot) Clemence who strongly felt the necessity of recording the history of the village and surrounding area and worked so hard to achieve what has become a notable success. The group published a village history called ‘Four Lanes, an Insight’ in 2000 and has continued to collect, record, exhibit and collate photographs, documents and artifacts ever since. It now has a formidable archive as you can see on the following pages.

Carnkie History Forum

The forum was founded by Pam Prisk from an idea from the late wonderful Mervyn Caddy and the first meeting was held on 2nd July 2001 and its aim as Four Lanes was to collect as much information as possible about the village, the surrounding area, hold a photographic display of old Carnkie and its people and later to document the history for the community. Things were progressing well until sadly not too long into the project Pam had to pull out due to personal circumstances and things were put on hold. However three of the people attending the meetings were Dorothy Clemence, Sue Hunt and Roy Blewett from the Four Lanes History Forum. Originally in an advisory capacity to assist Pam with the new group they had become part of the group and decided to re-launch the group after many requests from the village with another meeting on 25th June 2002.

The village responded magnificently and as there was obviously a need, Roy Blewett and Paul Richards, an expert on the local mines and also present at the original meetings, became joint Co-ordinators with Sue Hunt as Secretary and Dorothy Clemence in an advisory role.

Since the earlier meetings it became known that the local school was to be closed at the end of the summer term in 2003 so whilst still collecting any information on the history of the village, an exhibition of the history of the school was staged in the following July.

The rest is history as they say and the minutes give a detailed account of the meetings, organisation and staging of a tremendously successful exhibition of the school on 12th & 13th July 2003 that was later presented in November at the Cornwall Study Centre, Alma Place in Redruth for a week. The group now has one of the fullest school records that exist locally covering 170 years from 1842 from when the school was opened.

The Forum in October 2004 then showed its first exhibition of the history of the village and surrounding district at the Village Hall for three days which again was a huge success. The exhibition was opened by Bryan Basset, the direct descendant of the Bassets of Tehidy who at that time was living in Norfolk and became a loyal and supportive member until his regrettable death in 2011. 


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